SIG Publications

BAAL_LiA Conference 2018 Presentations -A compilation of all the papers presented at the SIG annual meeting 2018

Language in Education in sub-Saharan Africa – papers from Meetings of the Language in Africa special interest group (BAAL) – A review of papers presented between 2012 – 2014 at the SIG annual meeting and the SIG’s track at the BAAL AGM


Graham, R., McGlynn, C. and A. Islei (2015) Research in Progress: Language in Education in Sub-Saharan Africa – papers from the Language in Africa SIG (BAAL). Language Teaching: 48 (3) 426 – 430


Wildsmith-Cromarty, R. (2015) Report on BAAL ‘Language in Africa’ SIG meetings. Reading in African languages: Developing literacies and reading methodologies. Language Teaching: 48 (2) 297 – 301.