BAAL-LiA SIG Conference 2019 Programme

Theme‘Language and Decolonisation in 21st Century Africa’


Date: Friday May 10th 2019

Time: 09:30 am – 5.30 pm

Venue: School of Languages and Applied Linguistics, The Park Building (No.11) University of Portsmouth


9.15-10.00       Registration & Coffee

WELCOME        VENUE:  Room 3.23, Park Building

09:30- 09:40   WELCOME FROM LiA SIG Convenor: Goodith White 

09:30- 09:40   WELCOME FROM from University of Portsmouth: Mario  Saraceni

 SESSION 1: Featured Speaker – 09:50-10: 15

VENUE: Room 3.23, Park Building

 Chair: Goodith White

09:50-10:15 Decolonisation in Africa: Issues and Challenges: Tony Chafer


Room 3.23, Park Building

Room 3.03, Park Building

Session 2 (10:20-11:20)

10:20 Seraphin Kamdem

Colonial linguistic heritage and its impact on African education: Re-assessing linguistic imperialism and unfinished decolonisation in Cameroon

Clyde Ancarno

Is The Gambia decolonising its language education policy?

10:35 Maik Gibson

Challenges in the adoption of African languages in education in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

10:45 Adeyemi Abiodun Adeyinka

Decolonisation and Yoruba Language in the 21st Century Nigeria

Soili Norro

Language Policy in Namibian Schools

10:55 Annukka Kinnaird

Challenges of grass-roots research and the implementation of mother-tongue teaching

Imene Medfouni

Decolonisation and Internationalisation: English as a Medium of Instruction in the Postcolonial Francophone Context of Algeria

11:05 Q&A Q&A

11:20-11:40 COFFEE BREAK

Session 3 (11:40-1310)

                                                        Room 3.23              Park Building               Room 3.03

11:40 Dieunedort Wandji

Postcolonial Borders and the Infrapolitics of native languages in contemporary Africa


Walid Benkhaled & Rym Ouarsti North African cinema: The French connection
12:10 Max Vignon

In search of a United States of Africa: A linguistics approach

Camille Jacob

English as a decolonial language: academic frames, popular discourses and language practices


12:40 Clement Olusegun Olaniran Kolawole

Towards truly decolonising the linguistic milieu through a re-engineered language policy and practice in Africa

Funmilayo Obykadeta

Language Practice in the Broadcast Media of a Multilingual Context: a Case Study of Kogi State, Nigeria


13:10-14:10 LUNCH

Session 4 Keynote (14:10-15:10)

                                                           Room 3.23, Park Building                                           

14:10 Rosemary Wildsmith-Cromarty

Language, Power and Decolonisation: Une menage a trois?

Session 5 (15:15-16:15)

                                                          Room 3.23            Park Building       Room 3.03


Unity M Nkateng

The use of language in the workplace



Kingsley Ugwuanyi

Centring the peripheral: The role of acceptability and ownership studies

15:45 Abdoul Dieng

How urban Wolof rose to prominence in the decolonisation period in Senegal


16:15-16:30 COFFEE BREAK

Session 6 (16:30-17:30)  Room 3.23, Park Building

Workshop: Decolonising Methodology in Applied Linguistics (Abdulmalik Ofemile, Colin Reilly, Olivia Rutazibwa, Kate Spowage, Kingsley Ugwuanyi, Natalya Vince)

Round up of day; SIG Meeting & CLOSE by LiA SIG Convenor Goodith White 17:30 

Conference Dinner 18:30 (self-pay, alas!!!)


Download the Programme Here