BAAL-LiA SIG Conference 2019 Programme

‘African languages in public spaces: opportunities and challenges’ 

Date: Friday May 10th 2019

Time: 10 am – 5.30 pm

Venue: School of Languages and Applied Linguistics, University of Portsmouth

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9.15-10.00       Registration & Coffee

WELCOME        Webley Lecture Theatre, Senate House

10.00-10.05     INTRODUCTION by LiA SIG Convenor & SOAS host: Goodith White & Friederike Lüpke

 SESSION 1: Featured Speaker – 10.05-10.35

Room 4429 Main Building: Chair: Goodith White

10.05-10.35     Building a knowledge base for language teaching through isiZulu and English                                                                         Rosemary Wildsmith-Cromarty


Room: 4426 Main Building      Chair: Rosemary Wildsmith Cromarty

10.35-11.05       Translanguaging strategies in schools in sub-Saharan Africa. – John Clegg


11.05-11.20 COFFEE BREAK Room: 4429 Main Building

SESSION 3          11.20-12.20   PARALLEL SESSIONS

Room: 4426 Main Building      Chair: Friederike Lüpke                       

11.20-11.50  Tensions between African Languages and English in Early Years Education                                                               – Jo Westbrook, Margaret Baleeta, Gonzaga Kaswarra, Saphina Tuhaise,  Annette Islei

 11.50-12.20  The Right to Language of an African Deaf Child: The Nigerian Case

  -Emma Asonye, Kindness Okoro, Aniefon Mmefon, Nnamdi Ume, John Bamidele      


Room: 4429 Main Building      Chair: Ian Cheffy

11.20- 11.50      Language Dimensions for Algerian Reader. – Akila Tabbi

11.50-12.20       Just food, fashion and fun? English on Algerian walls -Camille Jacob


12.20-13.30 LUNCH Room: 4429 Main Building

Skyping Elvis Yevudey and Book Exchange

Poster Display: Irene Tucker & Marcus Love- ‘Language and Diversity in Africa: Ethnologue’


PLENARY          13.20-14.20 Webley Lecture Theatre, Senate House    Chair: Colin Reilly

13.30-14.30     Re-imagining multilingualism as a cultural competence in Africa: leaking boundaries, ubuntu and multilanguaging in public spaces. Professor Leketi Makalela, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.


 SESSION 4         14.30-16.00 PARALLEL SESSIONS

Room: 4426 Main Building      Chair: Annette Islei                    

14.30-15.00     Analysis of Debates on the “One nation, One language” Policy in Ethiopia.     –Elfneh U. Bariso

 15.00-15.30    Minority languages and Education in Uganda: Challenges and Opportunities   – Judith Nakayiza

15.30-16.00    Grassroots initiatives promoting literacy and literature in Luganda: A case study from Uganda.                                         –Zaahida Nabagereka


Room: 4429 Main Building    Chair: Abdulmalik Ofemile                   

14.30-15.00   The challenges from dialectal variation to standardisation and pedagogical implications: Revisiting the case of Ghɔmálá’, a Grassfields-Bantu language from Cameroon-  Seraphin Kamdem

15.00-15.30     The Ethnolinguistic Vitality of Obolo (via Skype) – Marianne Aaron

 15.30-16.00    Language Policy in Education in Post-apartheid South Africa  –Simon Voget & Susan Stewart

16.00-16.20 Coffee Break. Room: 4429 Main Building



 Room: 4426 Main Building     Chair: Mary Anderson

 16.20- 16.50 African languages in digital spaces: automatic text analysis of a low resource mixed Language.                                      –Gladys Tyen and Elisabeth Kerr

16.50-17.20  Oxford Global Languages three years on: insights from African language – Richard Shapiro


Room:  4429 Main Building     Chair: Sarah Ogbay

16.20- 16.50      Translanguaging strategies in schools in sub-Saharan Africa. – John Clegg

 16.50-17.20  The role of the home language in a mathematics class: an examination of the terminology of traditional games in mathematics concept in Chichewa (via Skype). – Alick Kadango Bwanali


CONCLUSION    17.20-17.50             Room:  4429 Main Building 

17.20-17.40       Round up of day, brief SIG Meeting

17.40-17.50     CLOSE by LiA SIG Convenor Goodith White

DINNER AT:  Prezzo, 161-163 Euston Road (near Euston and Kings Cross stations) 18.30-19.30 (self-pay, alas!!!)

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