Death of Professor Laurent Nkusi: Eminent Rwandan linguist

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 Born on the 20th of March, 1950, in the former commune of Gishamvu (Butare prefecture), now the District of Nyaruguru in the Southern Province, Professor Laurent Nkusi passed away on the 18th of May, in Kigali, Rwanda. 

A highly regarded Africanist.

A gifted teacher that rendered great service towards the reconstruction of his country after the genocide

May His resourceful soul rest in peace

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Exhibition on West Africa at the British Library

19th January 2016

One of our committee members, Caroline McGlynn, recently visited the British Library’s Exhibit on West Africa and had this to say:

‘Today I had the great pleasure of visiting the remarkable British Library and their current exhibition entitled West Africa: Word, Symbol and Song. 

As many of you know my research interest is in West Africa and I spend a great deal of time there.  I was therefore very excited by the thought of some of the areas I find so fascinating being on show in the UK, I was also very pleasantly surprised to find many items of information that were new to me.  The exhibition is slick and informative and very well researched as would be expected of the British Library, and appeared to be pitched at the right level to engage novices to the context as well.  The exhibition covered both the history of the region and the current situation but very definitely stayed within the remit of word, symbol and song even when exposing religious or political affairs. 

It was wonderful to see some of the colour and vibrancy of West Africa on a rather gloomy January day in London, and my two hours reminiscing was thoroughly enjoyable.’

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